Bust up: $80

half body: $100

full body: $120

Illustration: +-$180


Bust up: $40

Half body: $60

Full body: $80


Full render

  • Bust up: $80

  • Halfbody: $100

  • Fullbody: $120

Flat Color

  • Bust up: $40

  • Halfbody: $60

  • Fullbody: $80


(Character + background)

Additional characters

1/2 Original price (only for couples)
Ex: Full render bust up: $80 +$40= $120

Terms Of Service

PAYMENT:I may charge more for your commission if you want any extras not normally included on my commissions sheet.- Only Paypal
- Must pay at least half of the money upfront
REFUNDS:I will refund you if I am unable to complete your commission for any reason.
If you are a meticulous or demanding customer and always ask me to change / add things that have not been discussed, I can only give you a partial refund.
PROCESS:- I will be sending updates constantly, and, of course, i will accept to do revisions ( 3 at most, unless i offer you more). You cannot request another when the work is already finished.WONTS:- NSFW or GORE.
- Any disrespectful request.
- Furry
- Any request that promote/agree with/encourage illegal issues such as: racism, pedophilia or homophobia.
USE OF ARTWORK:All Rights Reserved.
Do not redistribute, claim, copy, edit, or use it in any way.
My artwork is copyright to me. You are not allowed to use my artwork by any means without my permission.
Only the commissioner of a piece of artwork may reupload the work, always crediting me if doing so.
Violations of these Terms of Service will result in your name being blacklisted and your misconduct exposed to the public.